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Year 8 Options 2018

You will be starting your GCSEs at the beginning of Year 9 to give you three years to prepare. The options process takes place during the spring term in Year 8 .

All students should take courses that reflect their strengths and interests whilst bearing in mind the importance of a broad and balanced range of subjects. All students will be interviewed as part of the options process to help ensure that they follow the most appropriate courses.

All students will study the compulsory core:

  • English Language & Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Science - Combined Science GCSE or Biology, Chemistry and Physics GCSEs. (This will be decided in Year 11)
  • Core PE

In addition to the core subjects above students will also study MFL GCSE (French/German/Spanish).

Subjects that fall into the English Baccalaureate are those subjects that will provide greater opportunities for post 16 study and higher education. The English Baccalaureate comprises: English, Mathematics, one of History or Geography, a language and 2 sciences which can include GCSE Computing.


Choice 1 - students must select ONE preferred Humanities subject from those below. Click on the subject headings for the individual course guides.

History Geography


Choice 2 - students must select TWO subject from those listed below, as well as a RESERVE subject. Click on the subject headings for the individual course guides.

3D Design* Media
Art* Performing Arts (Dance, Drama, Music)
Business Photography
Computing / CIDA Religious Studies & Ethics
Hospitality & Catering Sociology
Graphics* Sports / PE
Health & Social Care Textiles*
*Your choices can only contain one of these subjects

Please click on the following links to view the Options Information Leaflet and a presentation with more details on the Options process.

Year 8 Options Leaflet 2018

Year 8 Options Presentation