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Capital City Academy will provide an exceptional environment to promote a passion for learning and discovery. We recognise everyone as an individual and our rich community is united in its determination to enable all learners to succeed. At the heart of our achievements will be educating the whole person developing an honest, informed and caring global citizen.
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“Our curriculum gives students the opportunity to study a wide range of academic, vocational and arts subjects, ensuring that, whatever their passions, all achieve the best outcomes.”
David Lee, Vice Principal
“The teachers at Capital help me to organise my own work load and prepare me for the independence required at University.”
Capital 6 student
“Another positive aspect of what the school offers is the extracurricular activities. My son has an aptitude for sports, maths and science and he went to “SHINE” every Saturday which is a great school program for Year 7 students.”
Year 7 Parent
“The parent sessions are great. It was a really positive experience meeting the teachers and finding out how my child learns in school. It also helped me understand how I can support my daughter at home.”
Year 7 Parent
“We have always been proud of our rich and diverse community. Our commitment to the Arts and Sport alongside our collaboration with the wider community drives our ethos as an Academy and the distinctiveness of our culture.”
David Gacheru, Director of Achievement
“Staff work collaboratively and creatively to share expertise and ensure that all students succeed.”
Ms De Abreu, Teach First
“I have chosen Capital because it has an extremely good reputation in Brent and other parents have highly recommended it. The curriculum is very impressive. My son has an aptitude for sports, maths and science and he went to “Shine” every Saturday.
Year 7 Parent
“Teachers skilfully develop pupils’ understanding”
Ofsted, January 2019
“Pupils and staff are positive about the ‘Capital Community’ creating a sense of belonging and mutually respectful, inclusive relationships”
Ofsted, January 2019
“Leaders ensure a strong culture of safeguarding which prioritises the safety of pupils”
Ofsted, January 2019
“Capital Staff know pupils well and are proud to work at Capital as it is safe, well managed and well led.”
Ofsted, January 2019
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