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Teaching Mixed Attainment Classes

Our teaching staff endeavour to provide the right levels of support and challenge so that students of all attainment levels reach their full potential. Teachers keep regularly updated records of their students’ progress in their ‘purple folder’, and adapt curriculum plans, their lessons and use differentiation within the classroom to ensure progress for all. Classrooms are taught as ‘mixed attainment’ at KS3 and at KS4.

We aim to keep as many classes as possible as mixed attainment all the way up to GCSE so that we do not limit any student’s potential, to ensure equity and so that our students can learn from each other.

There may be occasional exceptions to mixed attainment teaching. In science, students may be grouped based on separate/combined pathways and higher/foundation tier. In maths and English there are ‘top top’ sets to stretch our highest attainers and ‘nurture’ groups to support those requiring the most literacy or numeracy support.