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Spring Arts Trips

Posted on: 28/03/2022
Trip to 'Back to the Future'

On Thursday 17th March a group of 31 students, from Year 8 and CPAC (Capital Performing Arts Company) were able to go and watch 'Back to the Future' in the West End. This was a full-on mind- blowing musical and truly did not care who knew it. The audience were left bedazzled by the energy and technology on show in the performance. As we were walking back to Charing Cross the excitement was palpable as the students were declaring they would give anything to be in such a show!

Year 9 Drama Trip to the Old Vic

On Wednesday 16th March, some Year 9 Drama students were able to travel to the Old Vic to watch Caryl Churchill's existential play 'A Number' where the idea of cloning was explored. It was quite a cerebral play meaning the workshop they had the week before was vital. They were able to explore part of the script and the themes from a directorial perspective. Despite the rain it was a worthwhile learning experience for the group as they continue to develop this critique and understanding of live theatre.

The Saatchi Gallery

Year 10 students explored a showcase of new works by the London-based French street artist & muralist ZABOU. The immersive exhibition features new studio works, a specially commissioned mural installation and material from the artist’s own photographic archive about her work and subjects. Students also had the opportunity to attend a hands-on workshop where they created their own personal responses to the artist’s work.

The Tate modern

Year 9 art students explored inventive ways in which artists around the world use diverse materials and how they present their outcomes. Artists have challenged the idea that only certain materials can be used for art. This opened our students' eyes to look at how artists employ industrial materials and adapt craft skills, or put the throwaway products of consumer society to new and creative uses.

The Natural History Museum

Year 9 Photography explored the natural world in all its fragility and diversity at the annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition, where 100 powerful photographs tell the story of a planet under pressure. Pupils had the opportunity to gaze through the lens of some of the world's best wildlife photographers. The thought provoking images left our students with a deeper understanding of the issues facing nature and how photography can be used to convey powerful messages.

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