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Aspire Awards Celebration

Posted on: 20/01/2022

Our first Capital City Academy Aspire Awards Celebration took place on Wednesday 19th January, 2022, in the QSB Theatre.

Students and their families joined us in celebrating the achievements of those who receive additional and/or different support from the Aspire Team.

The evening included a brief tribute to the students, highlighting some of their little- known abilities including culinary, artistic, discourse, sporting, innovation and resilience skills. Diaa in Year 8, spoke to the audience about his experiences as a new student, the additional support he has received and his journey to being discovered as our expert in setting-up and operating electronic devices.

DIAA - Year 8

“When I won the award, I felt shy because I had to give a speech to everyone. When they cheered, I felt strong and happy. When I saw my sister I felt happy.”

Students received certificates in recognition of achievements in various categories including: Aspiring Scientists, Independent Learners, Excellent Attitude to Learning, Enthusiastic Learners, Exemplary Behaviour, Extraordinary Effort and Outstanding Motivation. An individual certificate of recognition was awarded to Naseema Islam for Good Standing Character and Tyler Jai Mayers received our Excellent Sportsman prize.

Awards were given to the following individual students:

  • Yes I Can! Award: Emre Y
  • 5 Star Honour Award: Mohammed K
  • Determination and Grit Award: Malik Z
  • Artfully Creative Award: Elliot R
  • Above and Beyond Award: Rania E-Y
  • Extra Mile Award: Vahid H
  • Stellar Student Award: Zohaib H
  • Awesome Attitude Award: Diaa A F
  • Rising Star Award: Mohamad B
  • Growth and Flourish Award: Bishsean W

Here’s what some of the students (future reporters) thought of the proceedings:

Vahid - Year 10

“I was at the Aspire awards with my friend. To be honest, right from the beginning we didn't think we could get any awards but suddenly at the end they called my name and I was so happy and thankful to the SEND department. When I got up to go to the stage, my friend gave me a handshake to congratulate me; I was feeling a bit bad for my friend because his name had not been called out. I told Miss Gabi about my friend and she checked the list. In the end, we found out that he actually had been nominated for an award but we just hadn’t heard his name. He was so happy to hear his name and we took a picture of me holding my award and my friend holding his award. The teachers from the SEND department were also in the picture. All in all it was a great evening.”


“The awards ceremony was highly special to us. I received a big award for going above and beyond. It was amazing, because they provided food, snacks and Mr Pittaway was there. Many students received certificates. Overall I would say that people enjoyed the evening.”

The positivity and joy experienced by students, parents and staff is something that we look forward to next year.

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