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Into University

Posted on: 11/05/2021

It was wonderful to welcome staff from IntoUniversity back working live with our focus group students.

Tuesday 4th May: Year 8 Buddy Programme

This is a two-part programme enhancing students’ understanding of university life which this year was condensed into one day. In the first part of the workshop, students learnt about forensic science and what it’s like as a career. Although this year there was no visit to a university, students met two of our university student volunteers via Zoom. This workshop helps students to view university as a tangible future goal.

Wednesday 5th May: Year 10 Communication and Entrepreneurship workshop

Students practised different methods of communication to boost employability including application writing and interview techniques. They also explored what makes entrepreneurs successful and how to apply these characteristics to their own lives.

Both year groups worked extremely well and took part in all the activities and asked lots of questions.

Tuesday 11th May: Year 9 Careers and Future Pathways workshop

On Tuesday 11th May, Year 9 students found out about transferable skills and got to practise their problem solving and communication skills to find out more about what career they wanted to go into and how to choose the university course for them.