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Our Specialisms: Art Update

Posted on: 31/03/2021

Outstanding Art Award - Tiana W

The Art department is pleased to present the work of Year 12 student Tiana W who received the Outstanding Art Award this month. This Award recognises deserving students and aims to encourage their continued commitment to art practice. Tiana is an ideal student who enjoys practical work such as drawing, designing and physically making things. Tiana works independently and produces high-quality textile and photographic work, experimenting with samples in a range of media, researching relevant designers and design movements, independently developing projects from ideas to final pieces, and presenting her work professionally.

Well done Tiana and keep working hard. 

Tiana says:

In Year 8, I totally fell in love with Textiles. I like manual techniques that require a lot of work and time; I find the process rewarding. I also find it really relaxing and pleasant. I think it’s a very magical process! If you make a mistake, you can always fix it quickly. If you want to add another colour, you simply change yarn. It is very simple but effective - you can create anything.

Artists give amazing feedback to CCA students’ work

Our Art students are reaching new creative heights after being recognised by the artists they have been inspired by on our social media platforms. Famous artists like Zoe Keller, Bisa Butler and Nick Sullivan have made lovely comments on our students' work. 

One of the best ways of finding inspiration as a student is looking at other artists' work and learning from them. The more the students learn, the more they are able to look at other artists' work and decipher the thought processes behind what they were doing.

It’s great when you see value in your own artwork, but it is also amazing when other people appreciate your hard work. This recognition has built students self-esteem; when another human enjoys the same art as you or, even more, when they enjoy your art, it creates a personal connection, however brief. It builds a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Offer to study at Central Saint Martins: Paris Joseph

We are delighted for our Year 13 UAL student Paris Joseph, who has been accepted to study at Central Saint Martins! CSM is an internationally-renowned centre for arts and design education with an established reputation for being a global leader in creative design courses.

The Arts department is very proud of Paris and we know she will do amazingly well at CSM. We encourage Paris to continue to use her compassion and vision to shape the world through creative action. The art staff believe in our students and the passion that drives them. We’ve invested in creating a culture that allows our students to pursue their purpose through creating extraordinary work. So, to Paris, a massive well done, your hard work has paid off!

Paris says:

Getting an offer to study at Central Saint Martins has been a huge achievement for me as it is somewhere I really want to go. Being a world-renowned art university and always learning about the great artists and designers that have studied there made the application process extremely nerve-wracking.

The hardest part of applying was creating my portfolio as I had to select my best pieces of work that related to the Graphic Design course but also ones that showed my personality and the art that I like to create. I wasn’t confident about getting in but thanks to my teachers constantly supporting me I did! This is a dream come true. :-) 

Year 10 Graphics students illustrate a book for charity

Year 10 Graphics students have been reinventing Rudyard Kipling's classic children's book: The Jungle Book. The students have illustrated their favourite scene or character from 'The Jungle Book' inspired by artists Eric Carle and Clare Youngs.

The students have captured a wonderful atmosphere through the use of collage and digital manipulation: the scenes come alive with a visual representation of the sound of animals. The simple, bold and colourful designs are bound to catch the eye of any reader! We will be working with Salusbury World to create copies of the finished illustrated book to be sold to raise money for charity.

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