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Daniel - Runner-Up in iEMPOW3R 20:20 Competition

Posted on: 04/02/2021

Congratulations to Daniel in Year 11 who has won the runners-up prize in the national iEMPOW3R 20:20 creative writing competition.

Here are the comments about Daniel’s poem from the judge, Yasmine Mohamed: ‘Your writing was a breath of fresh air and we thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It embodies what we’re all about at iEMPOW3R and that’s focusing on the bright side; there is always an upside to everything: "We must enjoy every moment before our hair turns grey.”  

You have an incredible skill and we’d really like you to keep taking part in our competitions. Keep writing! Keep being creative! Share your thoughts using your pen! Again, many thanks for taking part – keep at it!'