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Jack Petchey Award Winners!

Posted on: 16/12/2020

We are delighted to announce the winners for the Jack Petchey Award for 2020. The Award is not about "being the best" but rather about recognising and celebrating students who have "done their best" - and what an extraordinary year in which to celebrate their efforts!

The winning students have the opportunity to choose how to spend their £250 award for the benefit of a group of young people they are connected with.

Congratulations to them all! We look forward to more awards in 2021! 

Laima (Year 10)

Pre-lockdown and during lockdown, Lama has been consistent and actively engaged with all learning resources which have been made accessible. Lama is a high attaining student who is consistently progressing with good grades. Lama is also kind and caring and looks out for others without realising she does.

Suweda (Year 10)

Suweda has modified her behaviour to allow her to excel academically in her subjects, Suweda was on top form throughout lockdown and has come back to school really motivated to do well and stay focused. We are proud of her!

Sayeda (Year 11)

Sayeda's work ethic during the lockdown was exemplary. In the face of difficult circumstances, she continued to go above and beyond with her work towards her GCSEs, attending and contributing to all Google Meets and completing additional work. She is focused on achieving her goals and has shown determination to best prepare for her future at all costs through attending extra academic sessions and feedback meetings as well as applying for external opportunities to put herself in the best position for going into further education.

Demario (Year 10)

Prior to lockdown, Demario could be lacking in motivation and lazy in lessons, but during lockdown this changed! Demario started writing poems! Since returning, Demario has worked continuously hard to achieve recognition for the progress he is making. Demario is a well mannered young man who has grown to understand and like school. We couldn't be prouder.

Sahar (Year 9)

Sahar is a fantastic and popular member of year 9. She has an ongoing knee injury but she never complains about being in pain, she just gets on with it. She is an empathetic, non-judgemental character. She strives to succeed and encourages others to do so as well. 

Reem (Year 7)

Reem has an outstanding attitude to learning and all round performance in class. She always strives to do her best and helps those around who might struggle with the work, showing good leadership qualities.