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Help us replace our theatre curtain!

Posted on: 28/01/2020

Capital City is blessed with a large theatre, which is fantastic for performances, lectures, assemblies, art displays and much more! But large theatres mean big walls and the need for huge theatre curtains. Our poor existing curtain is now beyond repair and replacing it will cost money that the school simply doesn’t have spare. We’ve already raised £1700 towards this but a further £6000 is needed to buy and install a specially made curtain, which we want to have in place before our next performance. Capital City’s friends and family, please can you help us to reach our target and give our theatre a new lease of life? We want our students and community users to have a venue that is comfortable, professional and, well, not held together with safety pins!

Please visit our Crowdfunding page an help us replace our curtain! Every penny helps us reach our target so please donate whatever you can:

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