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Brent Schools Chess Championship

Posted on: 27/03/2017

On Monday it was the final of the Brent Schools Chess Championship. Capital has an amazing tradition of doing very well at chess – partly because we used to have a student who is now one of the best in the UK (Peter Batchelor).

At the finals we pretty much wiped the floor in the competition. There were 25 students that played in the competition over 4 rounds, and 5 of our students took part. 3 of our students came first, second and third.

Amazingly the student who won the entire competition was Xavier in Year 7. He won all 8 of his games so had an unbeaten run. He beat a lot of sixth formers to come first.

Jack in Year 12 came second (he was beaten by Xavier early on) but in an early round won one of his games in a nailbiting finale with 1 second to spare on the clock.

Chris in Year 11 came third equal and played very well and consistently.

Luis in Year 12 and Kush in Year 9 also put in solid performances.

Please congratulate them all – especially Xavier who is a very good chess player for his age indeed.

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