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Year 9 students welcome Box2tech ladies to Capital

Posted on: 09/03/2018

Our Year 9 girls gave a warm welcome to Box2tech ladies from the National Grid on Tuesday 20th February.

The Box2tech ladies facilitated three interactive workshops for the girls. They had to work in groups to create a mobile app. Some suggestions included a fashion app designed to choose an outfit for one to wear from your wardrobe dependent upon the occasion; and a health app that monitors daily nutritional food intake, giving tips on what food groups/vitamins are lacking. There were many brilliant and innovative ideas that students presented to their group at the end of the session.

Students also took part in a STEM Career research activity, looking at job titles alongside job descriptions, required skills and pay. Finally, the most favourable session was looking at the information we hold on social media. Students were given an iPhone and a mock Facebook page; using the two media they were asked to fill out an application form based on the information they could retrieve from both. This showed the girls that people/employers can easily find out a lot of information about someone just by looking at social media and that we hold a lot of personal information in our mobile phones too.

Overall, the feedback from the event was very positive and the students felt very enthused and positive as a result.

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