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Black History Month Celebrations & Early Closure

Posted on: 16/10/2017

Black History Month activities have been going on throughout October including:

  • Introductory assemblies and assemblies by school governors
  • Workshops in lessons from Kofi Oteng - Banking Director; Annika Allen - Digital Marketing and Entrepreneur; Naike Mabois – Advertising; David Charles (Disenelo) - IT Consultant and Creative Arts Entrepreneur;
  • Talks from Rasheed Graham, Qualified Pilot; Darren Watson, Sports Entrepreneur; Dea-Chantal Minors, Training Psycho- therapist; Usman Oz Aleshe, RAF Paratrooper

The Black History Month final assembly will be on Friday 20th October including performances from a variety of artists. Whilst not in assembly students will be with their LAs doing BHM activities.

It will also be non-uniform day. Students are invited to wear clothing that represents their country and donate £1 raising money for the hurricane victims in the Caribbean. School will end at 1pm.