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Year 9 Trip to Oxford University

Posted on: 26/06/2017

By Juliet, Year 9 student

Although this was my second time visiting Oxford University, it was my first time visiting Magdalen College and it was a truly breath-taking experience for myself and with no doubt everybody else. I thoroughly enjoyed the few hours we spent looking around the college, the architecture is incredible. From the outside you would think it was some sort of palace but in fact most of them are just dorm rooms for students who live at the college.

Our tour guide, Laura, was really pleasant and was willing to answer any questions we had as well as tell us information about Magdalen College. We had many opportunities to take photographs of the building, including The Chapel which had a replica of The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci hung up on one of the walls.

All of us had lunch in the dining hall, which gave off the impression of a grand banquet.

Laura also went through university choices and told us that it is surprisingly cheap to go to one of the colleges in Oxford and cleared up some myths about the University. For example: not all Oxford University students are rich, many of them are actually below the poverty line; and that you don’t need to get straight A*s to even get a chance of getting in.

After our tour around the college we went to Ashmolean Museum and spoke about Ancient Greek and Egyptian history. After Laura left we all went into groups and walked around the museum, choosing sections to go to and learning the history of cultures; taking photographs of interesting objects.

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