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Excellent Facilities Available at Capital City Academy

Capital City Academy is a highly attractive, state of the art building designed by one of the world's leading firms of architects, Foster and Partners. Its 'all glass' design allows the building to be flooded with natural light; making it an ideal location for filming, learning and the arts.

The external design of the building holds many unique features. The sheer size of the building is immediately apparent, spanning ½ km in length. A covered walkway runs along the side of the building supported by a row of pillars & lit with spotlights. The all glass design is also very eye-catching especially at night when lit up. It also boasts playing fields which can easily accommodate up to 10,000 people for larger events.

The interior is as dramatic as it exterior. A central spine organises the building, forming a spacious internal street that runs through the centre of the school - this is a particularly striking feature. The building is made up of a ground floor, a mezzanine floor and the 1st floor which consists of a number of balconies overlooking the central ground floor walkway.

Facilities available to hire include:

  • Dance Studios - one large (capacity - 50) and one small (capacity - 30)
  • 3G All Weather Football Pitch - accredited to host affiliated league football matches, can be divided into thirds for 7-a-side use
  • Theatre - Ground Floor (capacity - 171), Upper balcony (capacity - 81) and we can set a maximum of 5 rows of seats with an extra 75 seating space.
  • Classrooms
  • Sports Hall - bleacher seats (capacity up to 450). Markings for basketball courts. Gymnastics use
  • Drama Studio - carpeted (capacity 30)
  • Rehearsal spaces - in the Drama studio, or in the canteen area
  • Canteen/Dining Room - movable seating available (capacity 400)
  • Tennis Court
  • Rugby field

Types of activities possible at Capital City Academy:

  • Filming
  • Community festivals/fetes
  • Parties
  • Cinema (inside and outside)
  • Corporate away days
  • Sporting events
  • Markets
  • Theatrical productions

Facilities bookings

If you are interested in hiring any of our spaces; please contact SchoolsPlus on -

Phone: 0345 222 2323


Filming requests

For filming requests please contact 

SchoolsPlus on -

Phone: 0345 222 2323




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