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Information for Inspectors

Each year the Academy reviews its provision to set priorities for the coming year.  Outlined within this page is a summary of the school priorities included in the school development plan 2017/18. It is hoped that this information is useful for Ofsted and others interested in the Academy's development.

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Overall Effectiveness

Strategic Lead - Marianne Jeanes

  1. Increase first choice applications
  2. Improve both pastoral and T&L SEF and appraisal processes to ensure we are addressing under performance
  3. Improve leadership skills at all levels. Ensure weekly CPD programme is of high quality and retains focus on developing all staff
  4. Recruit and retain high quality staff


Strategic Lead - David Lee

  1. Ensure that there is a cohesive approach to grouping students. Analyse data to identify subject areas or groups who are under performing
  2. Develop a strategic approach to the implementation of new specifications
  3. Ensure EBacc performance is strong
  4. Improve outcomes for basics
  5. Select provider for target setting and post results analysis.  Implement new target setting systems for all years

Outcomes for disadvantaged and targeted students

Strategic Lead - Rhoda Flindall

  1. Secure achievement for identified groups currently underachieving: BCRB BSOM
  2. Secure achievement for identified groups currently underachieving : disadvantaged
  3. Secure achievement for identified groups currently underachieving : more able

Capital 6 - Sixth Form

Strategic Lead - Leon Manandhar

  1. Improve outcomes for 16-19 study programmes
  2. A sixth form which is the first choice destination for Y11 CCA students and a significant number of external students

Teaching & Learning and Assessment

Strategic Leads - Kareen White, Simon Darcy and John Cox

  1. Teaching and learning delivers progress above national expectations
  2. Promote independent learning and the acquisition of knowledge
  3. Improve SEND Progress 8 score in line with NSEND
  4. Improve achievement in science
  5. Increase the use of new technologies within the curriculum
  6. Increase the impact of the literacy strategy on all students
  7. Develop pedagogy through coaching and mentoring
  8. Improve the quality of teaching for lower performing groups
  9. Improve the quality of teaching through shared learning, effective CPD and coaching
  10. Improve numeracy skills of students


Strategic Lead - Ben Pittaway

  1. Ensure students display self-managing behaviour at all times in the Academy and wider community
  2. Improve student leadership and school community identity
  3. Increase parental and community engagement
  4. Improve overall attendance and punctuality in all key stages. Diminish difference between groups
  5. Ensure that all pupils with AEN have identified provision
  6. Ensure effective CIAG
  7. Ensure safeguarding arrangements are secure


Leadership & Management

Strategic Lead - Marianne Jeanes

  1. Maintain a balanced budget for 2017/18
  2. Implement a new total facilities management solution for the academy that includes enhanced security for the site
  3. Provide a fit for purpose admin support structure
  4. Develop a cohesive staff development and well-being plan to move from good to outstanding
  5. Ensure impact of governance is maintained and leads to positive change