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Information for Inspectors

Each year the Academy reviews its provision to set priorities for the coming year.  Outlined within this page is a summary of the school priorities included in the school development plan 2016/17. It is hoped that this information is useful for Ofsted and others interested in the Academy's development.

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Outcomes for disadvantaged and targeted students

Strategic lead - David Lee

  1. Raise the attainment of key groups: BCRB and BSOM
  2. Improve the maths’ skills of the lower ability (inc. disadvantaged) in KS3
  3. Raise the achievement BCRB/BSOM disadvantaged boys in English.
  4. Raise the aspiration of disadvantaged students

Personal development, behaviour and welfare

Strategic lead - Camilla Thornalley

  1. Ensure CIAG for students’ and parents is outstanding
  2. Increase the Academy’s engagement with the local community
  3. Develop parental engagement
  4. Develop an explicit wellbeing ‘curriculum’
  5. Ensure students display self-managing behaviour at all times in the Academy and wider community
  6. Enhance students’ understanding of and engagement with British Values and key safeguarding issues
  7. Improve overall attendance and punctuality  in all key stages and the attendance and punctuality of specific groups
  8. Ensure safeguarding arrangements are secure

Teaching, learning and assessment

Strategic lead - Marianne Jeanes

  1. Provide a curriculum that develops knowledge and curiosity to deliver student progress above national expectations
  2. Provide needs focused CPDL plan
  3. (Further) develop the literacy strategy (with a focus on reading)
  4. Promote independent learning and the acquisition of knowledge
  5. Develop stretch and challenge particularly for the more able (inc  Post16)
  6. Improve teachers’ skills in assessing students’ work (on1-9 framework and against new curriculum)
  7. Use new technologies to improve the progress of students
  8. Ensure students in years 7-11 are on track to make above expected progress at GCSE
  9. Improve SEND progress 8 score to be in line with Non- SEND
  10. Improve outcomes for academic 16-19 study programmes
  11. Improve the progress of students in Humanities: Geography
  12. Improve achievement in Science

Leadership and management

Strategic lead - Alex Thomas

  1. Improve the link between improvement plans and strategic use of budgets
  2. Maintain the effectiveness of governance
  3. Increase the impact of parents / carers on achievement
  4. Enhance the security of the site
  5. Develop a cohesive staff development and well-being plan to move from good to outstanding
  6. Improve communication with parents, carers and the community