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Support, Wellbeing & Enrichment

Student support and wellbeing

Capital 6 has a comprehensive network of support available to students as they progress; there is always someone to help.

All students are attached to a Learning Adviser (LA) group that meets every tutor time. The Learning Adviser is responsible for monitoring students’ overall progress through weekly 1:1 sessions and target setting days. LAs are the first point of contact for parents/carers.  Our Head of Capital 6 oversees academic progress, including students' independent study, homework and academic development.  We have a Capital 6 Lead for pastoral matters such as attendance, behaviour and student well-being.   

In addition, our Capital 6 Student Support Officer is responsible for supporting students with their studies, as well as managing the needs of students who face challenging circumstances or other barriers to learning. We work closely with the Academy’s Psychology Service should our students need further support during their sixth form studies. Our Capital 6 Coordinator oversees careers education for the sixth form; working alongside our impartial careers advisor. Each student has a personalised schedule of careers guidance to help them make the decisions about their next steps after Capital 6.


The SBC6 consortium offers a full enrichment programme on Wednesday afternoons including community projects, lecture programmes, work based skills, sport or the arts.

Each school will offer a different programme and students can select from any of these programmes on a termly basis giving the widest possible choice. For example students may want to follow a competitive sports programme for the first term at Capital and then take part in a volunteering programme based at our consortium partners for the second semester. This range of extra-curricular opportunities is unique to the consortium and will allow all Capital 6 students the chance to build their CV in a bespoke fashion to strengthen their university or employment application. This will also create a collegiate-style educational experience helping to prepare students for higher education.