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Care and Support

Capital 6 has a comprehensive network of support available to students as they progress. – there is always someone to help.

All students are attached to a Learning Adviser (LA) group that meets every day. The Learning Adviser is responsible for monitoring students’ overall progress through weekly 1-1 sessions and target setting days. LAs are the first point of contact for parents/carers. Attendance and progress are monitored rigorously. Parents are regularly updated.

Our full-time Student Support Officer is responsible for supporting students with their studies, as well as managing the needs of students who face challenging circumstances or other barriers to learning in order to ensure that they learn and make progress.

Elite Athlete support

Students that compete and train at County and National level are fully supported by Capital City Academy through our Elite Athlete Education Programme. The Director of Sport meets regularly with each athlete to review progress and agree how the school can best support them. This may be through release time from school, assistance with travel and training expenses, use of a school netbook or additional fitness training with personal trainers. Athletes are recognised for their commitment and ability to balance academic studies and sporting ambitions.