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Capital Asset Group

The Capital Asset programme is provided by Capital 6 for our most able students. The aim of the programme is to best equip the students for progression to the prestigious ‘Russell Group’ of universities, including Oxbridge. Students are also provided with guidance on how to gain industry experience with well-known companies that have established relationships with the academy.

The Capital Asset group receives additional support and opportunities to apply for widening access programmes such as the Sutton Trust, K++ (King’s College, London), UNIQ (Oxford University). The Academy is now an examination centre for entrance exams so our students can sit their BMAT, UKCAT or university aptitude tests in the familiar surroundings of Capital 6. The majority of our Capital Asset group also undertakes the EPQ with us. 

The SBC6 consortium has links to a bespoke Oxbridge / Medicine preparation programme, where the very top students in the area can meet to challenge, prepare and support each other as they apply for highly competitive places.

For more information about the Capital Asset programme, please contact: