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Sports, Health and Nutrition

Physical Education


Physical Education is a wonderful subject which allows young people to grow physically, mentally and socially. We learn to deal with success and failure and along the way we develop essential leadership skills allowing us to work effectively in a team. Young people learning PE at Capital City Academy will have a rich and broad curriculum and will experience exciting lessons in both competitive and non-competitive settings. Sports range from traditional team games to more diverse ‘World Games’ to essential life skills such as swimming and cycling.

Students moving from Key stage 3 to 4 will gain a BTEC Qualification with the option of studying GCSE PE.  Level 3 BTEC Sport can be studied in the 6th Form as well as Higher Sports Leader Award and there are opportunities for young people in sports leadership from Year 9 onwards.

The PE Department has a passion for developing young people and driving their personal best in every sport.

The PE Department has a shared vision and mission statement:  ‘At Capital City Academy there is a place for everyone in sport. This is the environment to aspire to achieve your personal best. We are determined to make lessons fun and enjoyable developing respect for yourself and one another. There will be many challenges but with courage and integrity you will learn to deal with failure and success’.

Our Core Values are: Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Determination, Sportsmanship.

Please click on the following link for the Curriculum and Assessement Maps for 2016/17.

KS5 PE - BTEC Sport 

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BTEC PE (Y9-11)
GCSE PE (Y11) GCSE PE (Y9&10)

Health and Nutrition


Cooking and nutrition is a fun, energetic and rewarding subject. It is a chance to arm pupils with sensible, practical knowledge that they can take into the world and actually use. Pupils will learn how to cook great food that tastes amazing, see a big improvement in their confidence and skills, improve their knowledge on nutrition, meal planning and budgeting. Cooking and nutrition is without a doubt one of the most important things a person can ever learn!

Please click on the following link for the Curriculum and Assessement Map for 2016/17.

Cooking and Nutrition

Please click on the following link for the 2016-17 KS4 Curriculum Guide.

GCSE FPN (Y9&10)