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Modern Foreign Languages



Learning a language enables our students at Capital City Academy to make connections with different people and their cultures as well as increasing their interest in global community.  

When students arrive at Capital City Academy, they will be allocated a language- either German, French or Spanish. There is a particular focus on using the target language in the classroom and making the lessons fun and interactive. There is a lot of written work, translation, reading and listening taking place in our MFL classrooms, ensuring students have the skills needed to go onto do GCSE and A-level languages.

A language is incredible fun to learn and you gain the most from it when there is regular input – it takes a lot of practice and commitment both in and out of the classroom, but if you do this you will find it extremely rewarding and it will open lots of doors in the future.

Please click on the following links for the Curriculum and Assessment Maps for 2018/19.

Key Stage 3 French

Key Stage 4 French

Key Stage 3 German

Key Stage 4 German

Key Stage 3 Spanish

Key Stage 4 Spanish

Key Stage 5 Modern Foreign Languages


Please click on the following links for the 2018-19 KS4 & KS5 Curriculum Guides.

Modern Foreign Languages (Year 9-11)

Modern Foreign Languages (C6)