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Science at Capital City Academy aims to inspire students to be curious about the world we live in.

Following the Activate KS3 programme students learn the basics of chemistry, biology and physics, studying scientific ideas, learning about scientific models and with practical hands on experimentation.

At KS4 the new GCSE Edexcel 9-1 course introduces the students to the three disciplines at a deeper level studying topics such as cells and control, the periodic table and the universe and its origins.  Students have the opportunity to study the separate sciences and prepare themselves for studying A-level sciences.

We follow the Edexcel A level specification for Biology, Chemistry and Physics, and also offer an Applied Science Subsidiary Diploma for students wishing to engage further with the sciences and to prepare for university.

Science teaches students to investigate, analyse, observe, experiment and explain the world around them and we hope to inspire many to work within this essential field in the future!

Please click on the following links for the Curriculum and Assessment Maps for 2018/19.

Key Stage 3 Science

Key Stage 4 Science

Key Stage 5 Biology (Year 12 Only)

Key Stage 5 Biology (Year 13 Only)

Key Stage 5 Chemistry

Key Stage 5 Physics

Please click on the following links for the 2019-20 KS4 & KS5 Curriculum Guides.

Science (Year 9-11)

Biology (C6)

Chemistry (C6)

Physics (C6)