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Support and Development

At Capital City Academy we take pride in the support we offer our staff.  All teachers are career-long learners at Capital and benefit from a range of powerful opportunities to improve their practice.

All teachers have the opportunity to be coached by colleagues and staff receive weekly short observations and feedback. This has proved very popular with staff and we have trained more than half the staff to coach on this programme. In addition to our fortnightly CPD programme, staff attend short weekly sharing good practice sessions on a voluntary basis.

We offer our middle leaders a tailor-made six week coaching programme designed to enhance their leadership skills which also provides ongoing peer support when the programme is completed. Each year a small group of middle leaders also have the opportunity to participate in NPQML and NPQSL programmes.

We have a strong record of supporting and developing our beginning teachers (NQTs, Teach First Participants, PGCE trainees and School Direct) who benefit from a weekly programme of Professional Studies and other CPD opportunities.

Wherever possible we look to support colleagues who want to complete their Masters as we recognise that reflection is central to improving practice.