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Exam Results

The 2016 A-level results for Capital City Academy are:

% of entries A*-E (pass rate): 98%
% of entries A*-C: 60%
% of entries A*-B: 28%
% of BTEC entries at Dis-Dis*: 80%


16-19 (Key Stage 5) Results

English and Maths English progress (national = -0.10) +0.21
  Maths progress (national = -0.13) +0.20
Vocational Pathway % of BTEC entries at Dis-Dis* 80%
  Applied general value added score +0.34
  Average point score per applied general entry expressed as a vocational grade Dist+
  Retention 83%
A-level Pathway % of entries A*-E 98%
  % of entries A*-C 60%
  A level value added score -0.34
  Grade and points for a student's best 3 A-levels C-
  Retention 100%
Destinations Students staying in education or employment for at least 2 terms after 16 to 18 study 77%


Top performers at A-level and BTEC include:

  • Hashir Azizi achieved A in Maths, B in Further Maths, B in Physics and C in Chemistry
  • Eimantas Misevicius achieved A* in Maths, A in Further Maths and D in Geography
  • Tara Bishop achieved A in Psychology, B in Philosophy & Ethics, C in English Language & Literature and B for Extended Project Qualification
  • Antonella Galarza achieved A* in Photography, C in Spanish and C in Media
  • Kiro Evans achieved A in English Literature, B in Media, C in Philosophy and Ethics
  • Ines Tomanzino achieved Distinction* in BTEC Applied Science, Double Distinction* in BTEC Health & Social Care and B in A-Level Portuguese
  • Akash Bava achieved Distinction* in ICT and Sport and Double Distinction* in Business
  • Mayur Patel achieved Double Distinction* in BTEC Business and Distinction* in BTEC ICT


Top Performers 2016

Please click on the links below for case studies on some of our top performing students.

Eimantas Misevicius
Rasheed Graham
Ines Tomanzino
Antonella Galarza

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