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Student Parliament

The aim of the Student Parliament is to represent the voice of the student body at Capital City Academy, inspiring and motivating all students to contribute positively to the school community.

The Student Parliament will bring forward ideas from their peers to all staff at the Academy by discussing and implementing solutions to concerns raised and by being role models around the school.

Year Council

Every Learning Advisor group votes for two students to represent them at the Year Council meetings. These take place every week with the Year Team Leader to discuss whole school and year group specific issues.

Student Parliament

Year Councils vote for two students to represent the year group at the Student Parliament. Meetings take place every week with the Director of Student Leadership and C6 Council and Ambassadors and focus on issues across the whole school.

The Listening Project

Students will work with West London Zone's (WLZ) Listening project and allow for a small project within the school that they would like to see a change in, this will be led by WLZ.