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Parent Forum

The Parent Forum is a networking space where parents and carers take an active role in their child’s education and the wider school community. Parents Forum holds regular meetings termly for parents/carers to meet up, support each other, their children, the school, and for them to be involved in their child’s school life.

What we do

We run various informative workshops, sessions, parental programmes and discuss a variety of topics. We also give suggestions on how we can help the school to play a more active part in the local community, including providing information about the problems we and our children face, e.g. immigration, housing, the benefit cap, and cuts in local resources like libraries.  A number of teachers kindly attend so that the school can answer questions and contribute to the discussions. There are also opportunities for individualised dialogues at the end of the meeting. 

The Forum also regularly fundraises for our school by running stalls at events. We would like to do more if we had more parents/carers to help.

Our meetings are informal, friendly, and everyone is welcome. 

When we meet

We meet every term. Dates and times of forthcoming meetings are on the calendar on the school’s website and an email goes out to parents as a reminder.

For more information about the Parents Forum and Family & Friends of Capital City, please contact:

Wola Ayankoso - Director of Parental Engagement

Nick Cowan - Parent Trustee