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Parent Forum

During our meetings, we discuss a variety of topics including workshops and presentations from staff members, the Metropolitan Police and Salusbury World on how to keep up with our children’s “online” lives on computers and mobile phones; how to help our children do their best at school; the SRE policy, presentation on GDPR and the behaviour policy. We support the school's annual events such as Black History Month and cultural events to celebrate the fantastic range of countries and backgrounds our children come from.

We also give suggestions on how we can help the school to play a more active part in the local community, including by providing information about the problems we and our children face, e.g. immigration, housing, the benefit cap, cuts in local resources like libraries.  We also decided to join the “Fair Funding For All Schools” campaign to press for our children to have the resources and support they need to learn.   We need our voices to be heard, so all our children can benefit from a happier, better informed and safer community.

Our meeting concludes with a question and answer session, where staff members in attendance respond to our questions and provide opportunities for individualised dialogue at the end of the meeting.

The Forum also regularly fundraises for school by running stalls at events.  We would like to do more if we had more parents/carers to help – particularly as we want to help raise funds for the urgently needed refurbishment of the school hall.

If you would like more information about the Parents Forum or would like to join, please email one of the contacts below.

Wola Ayankoso - Director of Parental Engagement

Nick Cowan - Parent Governor