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16-19 Tuition Fund

The purpose of this statement is to set out how Capital City Academy will use its 16 to 19 tuition fund allocation to support students who have been academically disadvantaged due to coronavirus (COVID-19).

What is the 16-19 Tuition Fund?

This is one-off ring fenced funding for schools and colleges during the 2021 to 2022 academic year to mitigate the disruption to learning arising from coronavirus (COVID-19). The funding is being provided to support small group tuition for 16 to 19 students in English, maths, and other courses where learning has been disrupted. The tuition fund allocated to Capital City Academy for 2021-22 is £34,559.

How will we use the 16-19 tuition fund?

The 16 to 19 Tuition Fund will be used to provide small group tuition for Year 12/13 students who have not yet achieved a grade 5 or above in English and/or maths during supervised study periods. The provision will not be limited to tuition for English and maths, but will also be used to help progressing students on vocational courses where assessment may have been deferred because of lockdown. Students who are economically disadvantaged and need support to catch up will also be supported from this fund. 

Support offered

Eligible students will be assessed to determine what additional tuition would benefit them and bespoke arrangements will be put in place. This additional tuition will be delivered in small groups of no more than five students, in exceptional circumstances this can be extended to 7 students. This is in accordance with the guidance released by ESFA.

Individual plans will be produced to determine what additional tuition would benefit them and the arrangements which can be put in place. Additional support offered to students will include: 



GCSE resit preparation tuition lessons

Additional small group tuition to prepare students for resits in English and Maths Students who did not achieve a 5 in English or Maths.

Subject specific support

Targeted individual support  for  students on level 2 and 3 courses to support their progress in these subjects.

Additional tuition during holidays/ weekends

Small group tuition outside of school hours will be offered to students who are economically disadvantaged.



We will, as a condition of the receipt of this funding:

  • record the use of the funding, including reference to the individual students that receive the support, the needs of those students, the number of hours of tuition delivered, and retain the necessary evidence of the tuition provided
  • deliver the extra tuition and spend the associated funding in the 2021 to 2022 academic year
  • notify ESFA of any unspent funding from this fund for it to be reclaimed
  • evaluate the impact of interventions to support the needs of our students.