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Year 8 Options 2022

You will be choosing your GCSEs ready for the beginning of Year 9 to ensure that Year 9 can be a transition year between Key Stages 3 & 4. The options process takes place during the Spring term in Year 8.

All students at Capital City Academy will be following one of 2 pathways:


Students selected for this pathway will study the full suite of English Baccalaureate subjects. This pathway is for our higher ability students and supports with applications to top universities. Students will then have one additional subject choice.


Students in this pathway will choose between a modern foreign language, geography or history. They will also be able to choose two additional subjects. At the end of year 9 some students will go on to study 3 separate sciences, while others will follow a curriculum support programme to enhance their grades in the core subjects.


All students will study the core GCSE subjects listed below: 

General Pathway

General students will choose two subjects from the list of subjects below: 

EBacc pathway

EBACC students will choose one subject from the list of subjects below:

Please click on the link below to view the Options Leaflet for Parents.

Options Leaflet 2022