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Joining Us in Year 7

Transition from Primary to Secondary

One of the biggest challenges that any student faces during their academic career is the transfer from primary to secondary school.  We have established close relationships with our feeder primary schools to make this transition as smooth as possible.  Many primary school students have already visited the Academy several times, for instance to watch school productions or take part in the community clubs and classes.  There is an effective induction process to familiarise students and families with the Academy before and after their arrival. 

This webpage is designed to support you and your child in this transition from primary to secondary school. If you have any more specific queries that are not covered in this page, please contact Cassandra Howson:


Year 7 Induction Booklet 2018-19

If your child is joining us for Year 7 in September 2018, we have a useful guide for parents and carers aimed to help us work with you to support your child. Please click below to view this guide.