Telephone: 020 8838 8700

Non-teaching Staff

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Attendance & Welfare

Ms D Warrington

Register & Absence Admin


Ms L Joseph

Welfare Officer   

Ms T Heyes

Attendance Officer



Ms S Blair

Receptionist (Mon-Wed) 8700

Ms M Viera Dos Santos

Receptionist (Wed-Fri) TBC  

Executive Assistants and Administrators

Ms L Khan

Executive Assistant to the Principal


Ms C Jean-Charles

Cover/Absence Admin


Ms C Evans

APS Admin


Ms G Marcinkeviciute    

SEND Admin Asst


Pastoral Administrators

Ms N Penn

KS Admin (Yr 7 & 8)  

Ms S Y Ahmed

KS Admin  

Mr K Straker

KS4 Admin (Yr 9,10 & 11) 8731

Ms M Kerai

C6 Student Services Officer  

Ms M Kenny

C6 & Careers Coordinator 8745

Mr J Fung

T&L Pastoral Admin  

Exams & Data

Ms B Sontan

Exams & Data Manager 8782

Ms S Joseph

Exams & Data Officer  


Mr S Jatla Chief Financial Officer TBC  
Ms C Onukagha Financial Controller 8848
Ms D Barci Finance Officer 8740

IT Support

Mr C Emor

IT Manager


Mr T Boreham

IT Support



Learning Resources Centre (LRC)

Ms R Owusu Ansah

LRC & Literacy Interventions Manager

Ms D Kapaj

Library Assistant



Ms Y Agun

Science Technician


Mr S Letchet

Senior Science Technician


Ms I Peci

Science Technician


Cover Supervisors

Mr S Alexander

Cover Supervisor/Mentor

Ms S De Camillis

Cover Supervisor/LSA

Ms E March

Cover Supervisor


Mr C Emor

Interim Facilities Manager

Mr K Morton


Mr C Christou

Facilities Assistant  


Ms H Hayes

Welfare Manager/Deputy DSL

Ms J Francis

Student Wellbeing Admin


Year Team Leaders

Ms B Hirani (Yr7)

Ms A Laker (Yr 8)

Ms A Clarke (Yr 9)

Ms J Fonseca (Yr 10)

Ms J Hunt (Yr 11)

Mr A Ayankoso
(C6 / Director of Community & Parental Engagement)

Assistant Year Team Leaders (AYTLs)

L Russell (Yr 7)

Mr F Asharow (Yr 8)

Ms H Ahmed (Yr 9)

Ms C Leonard (Yr 10)

Ms C Austin (Yr 11)

Learning Support Assistants (LSAs)

Other Support Staff

Ms A Gordon

HR Manager


Ms C Leonard

Resources Manager  

Mr A Straker

Reprographics & Medical Cover


Ms E Throp

Marketing & Communications


Mr C Austin

Reset Coordinator  

Mr L Russell

Deputy Reset Coordinator  

Ms A Johnson

Catering Manager (Aspens)


Ms J Rabadia

West London Zone Link Worker  

Ms R George

Associate Senior Director