Telephone: 020 8838 8700

Non-teaching Staff

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Attendance & Welfare

Ms Dilys Warrington Register & Absence Admin  
Ms Hannah Heyes Welfare Officer 8722
Ms Tula Heyes Attendance Officer 8723


Ms Sasha Blair Receptionist 8700

Executive Assistants and Administrators

Ms Leila Khan

Executive Assistant to the Principal


Ms Cassie Howson

SEND Admin Assistant / Transition



Ms Cathy Jean-Charles Cover/Absence Admin 8767
Ms Cynthia Evans APS Admin (Mon-Wed) 8944

Pastoral Administrators

Ms Marina Petrovic KS3 Admin (Yr 7 & 8) 8714
Mr Kenny Straker KS4 Admin (Yr 9,10 & 11) 8731
Ms Malti Kerai C6 Support Officer  
Ms Marie Kenny C6 & Careers Coordinator 8745

Exams & Data

Ms Fiona Sim Exams & Data Manager 8778
Ms Beatrice Sontan Exams & Data Officer 8782
Ms Chinyere Onukagha T&L Data / Financial Controller  
Ms Shanice Joseph Data & Exams Assistant  


Mr Greg George Director of Finance & Resources 8706
Ms Chinyere Onukagha Financial Controller 8848
Mr Antal Asztalos Finance Officer & Resources Manager 8739
Ms Diana Barci Finance Clerk 8740

IT Support

Mr Chris Emor

IT Manager


Mr Tanzul Haque IT Technician 8920

Mr Thomas Boreham

IT Support


Learning Resources Centre (LRC)

Ms Rosemond Owusu Ansah LRC & Literacy Interventions Manager
Ms Dhurata Kapaj Library Assistant



Ms Aliya Kureshi Senior Science Technician  

Ms Yemi Agun

Science Technician


Cover Supervisors

Ms Joana Fonseca Cover Supervisor
Ms Candice Gordon Cover Supervisor / APS Admin (Thurs & Friday)
Mr Steve Alexander Cover Supervisor / Mentor

Year Team Leaders

Ms Donna Hyde (Yr 7)
Ms Joanne Hunt (Yr 8)

Ms Bhavisha Hirani (Yr 9)

Ms Reanna George (Yr10)

Ms Winifred Brett-Ahmed (Yr 11) / BCRB

Mr Ayanwola Ayankoso (Yr 12) /

Staff Governor & Director of Community & Parental Engagement

Ms Baar Hersi (Yr 13)

Learning Support Assistants (LSAs)

Ms Abie Kabia
Ms Beverly James
Ms Chloe Barbier
Mr Ebony Koke
Mr Kieran Matthews
Ms Lois Moore
Ms Melrose Wright
Ms Nadia Penn



Ms Patrice O'Brien Bhuj Director of Student Wellbeing / Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead PO’
Ms Charlotte Kinnah-Brown Student Wellbeing Advisor
Ms Hannah Williams Student Wellbeing Advisor
Ms Jackie Francis Student Wellbeing Admin


Other Support Staff

Ms Andrea Gordon HR Manager 8725

Mr Arthur Straker

Reprographics & Medical Cover


Ms Emma Throp

Marketing & Communications


Ms Pippa Durn

Business Development


Mr Steve Alexander

Basketball Coach