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Teaching Staff

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Ms Chiu-Kim Lee (Curriculum Area Leader) -
Ms Joy Richardson
Ms Karen Hamilton-Bannis
Ms Celia Squire
Ms Patrycja Jopek
Ms Minal Patel


Ms Hannah Aizenberg (Curriculum Area Leader) -
Ms Rachel Belfield
Ms Lowri Ifor
Ms Katrina Chowdhury
Ms Lamyaa Khammal
Ms Aine Reilly
Ms Nicole Lewis
Ms Lydia Pichurski 
Mr Joseph Harris
Mr Leon Manandhar
Ms Alannah Gilmour
Ms Emily Jones
Mr Oliver Johnson




Ms Jacqueline Oppon (Lead Teacher) -

Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

Mr James Keep (Curriculum Area Leader) -
Ms Natalie Milner
Mr Dan Ashbery
Mr Eric Aristide
Ms Christelle Voisin
Ms Kareen White

Performing Arts

Ms Emma Reynolds (Curriculum Area Leader) -
Ms Alex Pedroso
Mr Daniel Smith


Ms Tisaine Msanide (Lead Teacher KS3) -
Ms Eilidh Cunningham (Lead Teacher KS4 / 2nd in charge) -
Ms Katie Beard (Lead Teacher KS5) -
Ms Rubina Ahmad
Ms Charmaine Augustine
Ms Marianne Jeanes
Mr Nic Carpenter
Mr Erroll Angus
Mr Guillaume Meunier
Ms Muna Hussain
Ms Zeba Chowdhury
Mr John Moloney
Ms Asma Marouf


Mr James Caldwell (Curriculum Area Leader) -
Ms Fiona Dempsey
Mr Walid Mumuni
Ms Donna Hyde
Ms Jacque McDonnell
Ms Kate Agnew
Mr Martin Eldridge


Ms Nicole Lewis (Lead Teacher) -

Vocational Education - Business, Health & Social Care & ICT

Ms Michele Bennett (Curriculum Area Leader) -
Ms Belle Kerray
Ms Emma Harford
Ms Edna Majekodunmi
Ms Penny Forde
Mr Debasis Maitra

Food Technology

Ms Jill Kulandhaisamy (Curriculum Area Leader) -
Ms Fiona Marini



Ms Aurora Reid (SENDCO) -
Ms Charmaine Moseley (KS3 SENDCO) -
Ms Lydia Pichurski (KS4 SENDCO) -
Ms Dilys Warrington (Lead HTLA) -
Ms Nadia Penn
Ms Beverley James
Mr Ebony Koke
Ms Melrose Wright
Ms Najlaa Chaer
Mr Micah Salmon


Ms Patrice O’Brien Bhuj (Director of Student Wellbeing) - po’
Ms Carole Caprice
Ms Charlotte Kinnah-Brown