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Teaching Staff

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Mr Gavin Kensit

Director of Arts

Ms Fiona Marini

LT Catering and Nutrition

Ms Iris Guimaraes

2ic Visual Arts

Ms Joy Richardson

Ms Minal Patel

CAL - Visual Art

Ms Patrycja Jopek

Ms Joanna Hunt


Ms Maria Sousa

Mr Stuart McCaffer


Ms Lydia Pichurski

CAL / Coaching Champion / Safeguarding

Ms Aine Reilly

Ms Alannah Gilmour

2ic & KS3 Lead

Ms April Jones

Assistant Principal

Ms Bozena Tarasiewicz

EAL Specialist

Ms Claire Rowthorn

Vice Principal

Ms Donna Amhari-Smith


Mr Eli Baigel

Careers in the curriculum / Oracy Lead, TLC

Ms Francesca Barnard

MA Coordinator / Y11 AYTL / KS5 & Oracy Lead

Ms Lamyaa Khammal

Assistant Principal / Oracy Lead

Ms Rachel Belfield

Associate Senior Leader

Ms Sarah Lamarr

Ms Sophia Moisseeva

LT of Year 9 & 10

Ms Zoe Lynskey

TL / Oracy Lead

Mr Anakin Kwok


Ms Micky Tumber

Curriculum Area Leader

Ms Clare Moran

2ic  / LT of Geography

Mr David Gacheru

Senior Director

Mr Marc Pettifor

Health & Safety Rep / Deputy SENDCO

Mr Ollie Johnson

Ms Sheena Shah

Coaching Champion / T&L Hums support

Ms Agnes Fitzpatrick

Mr Reaz Kurimbux   

LT History & Hums TL / Oracy Lead

Ms Jessye Emmerson

Ms De-Anna Lee



Mr Ash Shah

Curriculum Area Leader

Mr Adam Hilsenrath

Y8 AYTL/ LT of Year 9 & 10

Ms Carla Calado

KS3 Lead

Mr William Toong

Maths & Economics

Ms Nazanin Dolarshad


Ms Roopa Gorsia

KS5 Lead

Ms Triveni Patel

Oracy Lead

Ms Zainab Maniar

Ms Karishma Vaidya

Mr Steven Farey

Maths & Computing

Mr Adam Wingardh

Maths & Economics



Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

Mr James Keep

Curriculum Area Leader

Ms Clara Garcia

Ms Christelle Voisin


Mr Eric Aristide


Ms Kareen White

Assistant Principal / Oracy Lead

Ms Phoebe Murray-Hobbs

MFL & Science / Oracy Lead 



Ms Jacquie McDonnell

Director of Sport

Ms Ashleigh Clarke


Ms Donna Hyde

Director of Co-Curriculum / 9 YTL

Ms Kate Agnew


Mr Walid Mumuni

House & Charity

Mr Jordan Campbell

KS3 Lead

Mr Matthew Jacomb

Ms Abigail Laker



Mr Richard Walker

Curriculum Area Leader

Mr Amir Manshadi

KS3 Lead

Mr Ben Pittaway

Associate Principal

Mr John Cox

Assistant Principal

Mrs Marianne Jeanes


Mr Scott Barrett

2ic & KS4 Lead

Ms Sonia Seda

KS5 Lead / Science TL / Oracy Lead

Mr Stephan Hastings

Science / PE

Mr Muntasir Rahman

Ms Sabrin Baryan

Ms Sygia Bignall

Ms Andreea Scanteianu

Mr Saumeet Joshi

Ms Rose Pinkney


Social Sciences - Business, Economics, IT, Health & Social Care and Psychology

Ms Nicole Lewis

Director of Social Sciences

Ms Ramanpreet Bains   

Head of C6

Ms Baar Hersi

Associate Senior Leader

Mr Debasis Maitra

LT of H&SC / Parent Forum

Ms Edna Majekodunmi

Ms Joana Fonseca


Ms Jacqueline Oppon

LT of Media & iMedia

Mr Leon Manandhar  

Assistant Principal

Ms Yvonne Chisholm

LT Business



Ms Drita Beshiri Mustafa

Ms Lorena Ungurianu