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Household Division Specialist Contemporary Band Workshop

Posted on: 27/01/2023

Some of the British Army’s most talented young musicians visited Capital City Academy on Tuesday 17th January, to help inspire potential future musicians. British Army musicians are all professionally trained and get to perform to global audiences of millions at some of the nation’s biggest and most high profile events.

The visit was part of the "Army Musicians In Your School" initiative which has been set up to tour schools across London. Supported by the Household Division Specialist Contemporary Band, the initiative offers a unique opportunity, aimed at musical students so they can gain an insight into what life is like working as a professional musician in the Army.

Students were overjoyed to watch the band’s impressive musical performance which then was followed by a "look at life" presentation. The students then worked in small groups with the professional musicians to perform a short piece. These workshops gave students the unique and privileged opportunity to collaborate and play pieces of music with professionally trained musicians. Sharing skills in this way was a tremendous boost to the confidence and abilities of all involved.

What did the student’s say?

I was introduced to jazz music and it was an interesting contrast to my usual style of music. It was overall a very good experience and I enjoyed it very much.

-Year 10 student

It was a pleasant experience. One of the student’s drum solo was really cool.

-Year 9 student

I enjoyed getting to know about the army band and participating in the workshop

I thought the experience was amazing and it gave me a choice of career that I could pursue.

The singing at the end was fun.

I enjoyed it and everything was great

-Year 8 students

When asked if they would do it again, students responded “Yes!”

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