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Brent Pure Energy Celebration Event

Posted on: 31/01/2023

In May 2022 we had 800 solar panels installed on the roof of our building. The money was raised by Brent Pure Energy who are mainly local residents who raised over £200,000 to help get the solar panels installed. The solar panels were carefully installed by some specialised technicians from a company called Genfit. Now that we have the solar panels in place we are hoping for a saving on our annual Electricity bill of approximately £10,000. At reception you will see a screen where you will be able to see the amount of electricity sent back to the grid from our solar panels. Due to the success of our installation London Community Energy came to Capital to make a short promotional film which features Mr Joshi and four members of our C6 team Hani, Sayeda, Lilango and Jessica. We were all very excited to watch Mr Joshi and our students as they talked about their views on climate change and what we can do as a school to improve our carbon footprint.

In the last week of January Brent Pure Energy held a celebration evening at Capital City to say thank you to everyone who helped work on the installation of the solar panels. It was a great event which was attended by the technicians from Genfit, the directors from Brent Pure Energy, the architects of our building and other school representatives who are interested in having solar panels installed. This event enabled us to create more links within our local community. Brent Pure Energy, were delighted with the number of students who attended from our student council.