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Highlights from The Arts

Posted on: 21/10/2022

Creative Mentors Exhibition 2022

We were so excited to see some of our students' work at the creative mentor exhibition. Students picked animals and emotions to create these wonderful ceramic creations.

The Creative Mentors Foundation is a charity who have been helping our students further engage with their education through the arts.

Grow Therapeutic Coaching - Cuddle Pillow

Year 13 student Louise gifted a beautiful cuddle pillow that she designed and made to our student welfare department who provide all sorts of amazing support for our students. The cuddle pillow has an ergonomic design that makes the user feel like they are being held, it is made of a patchwork of various specially chosen fabrics that create a soothing feel and is embroidered with various comforting statements and symbols.

KS3 Mural Club

Our KS3 students who fancy themselves as the next Banksy or Shepherd Fairy have started experimenting with spray painting, practising and creating small pieces of silhouettes of inspirational people around the world. Our Mural Club is an amazing way to get students thinking, working and engaging whilst having lots of fun from start to finish.

Year 8 Fantastic Drawings

Art starts with drawing. Our Year 8 Art students have created amazing realistic drawings of animals based on their Aboriginal project. We were so impressed with their drawings we had to show them off. Their confidence and skills have grown so much in the last 4 weeks!

Art Department CPD

The art department visited the Stitch and Knit Festival to increase our skills and confidence to teach Art and Design. We met up with like- minded crafters, discussed ideas and learnt practical art techniques that supported our subjects across the curriculum. We discovered innovative ways of using materials we already have in school and gained ideas for extension and development and creative ways of displaying artwork.

While we support our young students to develop their skills and interests, we also believe the adults supporting them can also grow and develop in the same way :)

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