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Year 13 - What we will miss about Capital

Posted on: 10/06/2022

As the Year 13 students' time in C6 draws to an end and as they progress onto the next steps in their journey, we asked them what they would miss the most about the Academy. Here are their answers:

  1. The teachers!!
  2. The Sports and Arts facilities
  3. The feeling of being protected and nurtured
  4. Seeing their friends everyday
  5. The convenience of being so close to home
  6. The fact that they are able to be themselves

It was so lovely hearing their responses and every student said they were extremely grateful for all the support, advice and guidance provided to them by various staff members at the academy - in fact this was the first response given by all students when asked what they would miss the most - they were unanimous in saying teachers.

So a big thank you to all members of staff who have in some way worked with the Year 13 students to teach them, listen to them, advise them, make them laugh and correct them. You have helped to mould them into the young adults they are now; ready to take on their next steps beyond school.

Ms Bains and the Year 13s