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Tributes to Faira Ellks

Posted on: 22/03/2022

Many of you who have been involved with Capital will be aware of the contributions made to the school and Board by Faira Ellks. She joined us as a representative from Brent Council  at the very beginning and truly made an outstanding contribution. 

I know you will all be sorry to hear that dear Faira has passed away, and on her behalf I send my condolences to her family and friends. 

Sir Frank Lowe, Sponsor

It was a sad day when Faira told me she was stepping down from being a Governor of Capital City Academy. Her contribution to the school had been enormous. I might have Chaired the Board of Governors but Faira Ellks was the real boss. Her wisdom was legendary and her knowledge and understanding of how education worked in an inner city school like Capital was invaluable. Faira was amazing company and I would often join her and my Vice Chairs, after meetings for a meal or drinks,to discuss how we could best support the school on its journey. Faira never lost her ability to laugh or see the funny side of any situation! Always taking things in her stride and always unflappable even in the face of her own devastating news. Capital City Academy owes a great debt of gratitude to Ms Faira Ellks and so do I. She will be sorely missed. 

Garth Crooks OBE, Chair Board of Governors 

We are all, at Capital, very sad to hear the news of Faira's passing. Many staff worked with her because she came so regularly to school to support, challenge, advise and encourage and she wanted to really know the students and staff in her role as Governor. Her advice was always high quality, practical and constructive and many aspects of Capital City Academy are a reflection of her time, effort and wisdom.  She was kind, strong, dedicated and a champion of our students and staff. She will be remembered with joy and gratitude!

Marianne Jeanes, Principal