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EAL Arts & Crafts

Posted on: 10/02/2022

EAL Arts & Crafts Project

EAL students also enjoyed an arts and crafts project which included creating their own bracelets and keyrings. The session was run by Ms Penn who has introduced our students to a variety of beads and focussed on students’ practice of motoring skills. They have carefully selected their favourite beads and planned their work.

Ms Penn also introduced our students to zone of regulations. It is a framework that uses four colours to help students identify their feelings and levels of alertness. As majority of our students are Arabic, Ms Penn held the session in their native language which made it very easy for students to comprehend.

EAL trip to see The Lion King

Our EAL students had the opportunity to watch The Lion King, the much loved animated movie performed live on the stage of the Lyceum Theatre. It was the first time they have been inside a theatre so the grandiosity of the place overwhelmed them completely.

The students were captivated from start to finish. The moving stage, the colourful costumes, the actors wearing their amazing animal masks and the vibrant songs kept our students entertained and in complete awe. It was a lovely day that we all enjoyed and will keep as a very special memory!


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