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Outstanding Art Student of the Month

Posted on: 31/01/2022

This month the Art department is pleased to present the work of Y8 Art student Anna Y who is the recipient of the Outstanding Art Award this month. This award recognises deserving students and aims to encourage their continued commitment to art practice.

Anna’s mixed-media artwork captures the theme of Aboriginal art where students were introduced to the concept of symbols, as different symbols are often present in Aboriginal art and to the three most common styles of Aboriginal paintings: x- ray, rarrk and dot painting. Anna chose one painting of her favourite style and carefully copied it making sure to match colours and including Aboriginal techniques for mark making (fish watercolour painting). This gave her a hands-on insight into how Aboriginal artists work.

Her second artwork was based on the theme of the South Pacific or Northwest Coast and how it influenced artists to create Welsh love spoons using symbols to communicate meaning/a story. In her spoon design Anna used 3 symbols that represent her identity then she used clay to sculpt her totem spoon based on her design. Anna's ability to capture subtle shape, tone and colours in her artwork is truly outstanding.

The artwork is the result of deliberate compositional choices, sophisticated use of her drawing skills, watercolour painting and soft pastels, as well as and use of clay. Her artwork is intriguing and haunting: art pieces to remember. Anna has natural creative ability and has created a body of work, which embodies strong artist influences.

Anna is a very positive, hardworking student, who always strives to succeed. She is a very passionate student who seeks to explore art experiences to develop her art skills. We are very proud to award her this accolade.

Congratulations Anna!

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