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National Numeracy Day

Posted on: 19/05/2021

According to a report launched at the Bank of England in November 2019, Building a numerate nation: confidence, belief and skills, 'millions of adults lack basic numeracy skills, leaving them unprepared for the workplace and everyday life'.

Two of the key findings in the report are that:

  • Only a quarter of adults have ‘acceptable’ levels of numeracy, with around half at the level expected of a primary school child.
  • Business leaders significantly undervalue the cost of poor numeracy to the UK, estimating a cost of £7 million per week vs the actual cost of £388 million.

So, the question of what schools can do to improve numeracy across the country and equip our students with basic numeracy skills was at the heart of Capital City Numeracy Strategies: “Think Numeracy….Think Success".

On Wednesday 19 May, all students participated in various National Numeracy Day activities ranging from creating poems, songs and raps to creating their own dance moves! Many students opted to create numeracy posters or to design their own Dream Garden!

It is fair to say that many students had a matherific time celebrating National Numeracy Day 2021! 

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