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EAL Trip to Kensal Green Cemetery

Posted on: 18/05/2021

Our lovely EAL group had their first trip after lockdown. We visited Kensal Green Cemetery where the students had the chance to enter a mausoleum and explore the inside. They were impressed with the majestic stained glass and the history of the old mausoleum. What made it more interesting for them is that the students had never been to a cemetery before. 

The students then experienced being trapped in a lock up or 'prison' which was a historic building that was used for the temporary detention of people in England and Wales. It was the last standing outdoor prison of its kind and the students were surprised to learn about its history - especially the fact that the prisoners were locked up in a public place. 

Cranford Park was our last destination where we enjoyed the bright sun and a relaxing walk and tour through the forest. The best part was the football game boys vs. girls running along in the huge green fields trying to catch the ball. Obviously, the boys won! 

In the park, we had a history lesson where we learnt about the wealthy family who had once owned a home and stables on the grounds; the park was made public after World War 2 when the house was demolished, as was the case for many private lands during that time.  

The students really enjoyed their time and learnt so much! It was a wonderful experience to have with them and we cannot wait for many more to come. 

Thank you to Salusbury World for organising this trip for us!

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