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Posted on: 28/05/2021

KS3 Mindfulness Project

Our KS3 students are creating their very own fabric emotion-dolls, developing their confidence as creative individuals working with an array of media. This project allows students to develop their creativity through a mindfulness process to develop their awareness of their thoughts and emotions.

Students looked at different characters from Pixar’s movie Inside Out and were asked to debate how colour and shape has been used to define the characters and reflect different emotions. We used group debates in order to encourage students’ independent critical thinking and oracy skills. Simple exercises such as matching colours to personality traits, or shapes to feelings, encouraged students to articulate their ideas in a visual form.

Understanding these concepts is crucial to developing the critical thinking skills necessary to interpret the world around us: for instance, to be aware of how colours and shapes can influence our perceptions, and how we can use this knowledge to better communicate our intentions as visual artists.

This approach, with a focus on mindfulness, helped the students to just enjoy the process rather than focusing on end results, which meant they could draw, colour or write more freely and more joyfully. Having a curious, lively awareness and a kind, gentle attitude whilst making, we can change how we relate to ourselves, each other and the world around us forever.

Outstanding Student

This month the Art department is pleased to present the work of Year 11 student Kayleigh Davis who is the recipient of May's Outstanding Art Award. This Award recognises deserving students and aims to encourage their continued commitment to art practice.

Kayleigh’s mixed-media photography work captures the theme of sorrow and despair with dramatic lighting and well-composed imagery. Kayleigh’s ability to capture subtle emotions in her photography is beautiful. Her combination of artist vision and perceptiveness make the images stand out and convey her message clearly, allowing the viewer to make an emotional connection and sympathise with the piece.

The photograph is the result of deliberate compositional choices, sophisticated use of her SLR camera and use of staging. Instead of relying on digital manipulation. Kayleigh focuses upon the magic that occurs in front of the camera and manual mark marking. Her images are intriguing and haunting; art pieces to remember. Emotion, or a feeling, is what can bring a snapshot out of obscurity and make it shine. Kayleigh has natural creative ability and has created a body of work which embodies strong artist influences.

Kayleigh is very conscientious and exceptionally mature in her work ethic; she is a positive, hardworking student, who always strives to succeed. She is a very passionate student who seeks to explore art experiences to develop her art skills at every opportunity in a very open-minded way and we are very proud to award her this accolade.

Congratulations Kayleigh!

On 10th May, a visiting practitioner was able to visit from Read College, a specialist performing arts college. She worked with Year 7 and 8 in their drama lesson with a focus on improvisation. This then led onto her explaining how one would apply for Read College as well as answering questions about life as a performer. Some of the students excelled in the process and overall the students of Capital were given a rich and fulfilling experience. 

Gavin Kensit – Director of the Arts

Year 11 Exploring Identity 

The Year 11 Art students have explored the theme of ‘Identity’ this term. This project was an opportunity for our students to investigate, question and express themselves. Students considered factors and conditions that an individual is born with - such as ethnic heritage, gender, or one’s own body. They considered the role these factors play in defining us.

Some students chose to focus on how their identity has changed over time and how experiences can alter how we see ourselves or are perceived by others. Conversely, their identities also influence the decisions they make; individuals choose their friends, adopt certain fashions, and align themselves with political beliefs based on their identities. Here are some diverse examples of our students' work exploring their identity.

Art Primary School - Harlesden

Year 5 students from Harlesden Primary School took part in art workshops this term. Mrs Guimaraes, Ms Gristock and the Capital 6 Art Leaders delivered exciting sessions developing the young students’ artistic skills and curiosity by concentrating on Science and Art which are often viewed as opposites; one seems to be driven by data while the other by expression and creation. But, in reality, they’re more alike than we think.

They share a common thread through inquiry and questioning. Artists and scientists are inventing, exploring, and discovering all time. Students had the opportunity to study beautiful coral reefs and their fragile existence and were introduced to different techniques, ranging from ceramic modelling to watercolour painting, experimenting with colour, texture, regularity of shapes, and relative size.

We want to say well done to the students  and we hope they enjoyed the experience as much as we did!

Year 11 practical exam - April 2021

Year 11 completed their practical exam in Hospitality and Catering on 30th April 2021.  All the students worked really hard on the day and the results were very pleasing. Considering that they had no practice sessions beforehand, and had not cooked in the classroom for months, they did extremely well. Students were very proud of themselves.

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