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Capital Students take part in West London Zone Programme

Posted on: 15/03/2021

West London Zone is a children’s charity that provides additional opportunities to children in order to fulfil their  potential and flourish into adulthood. The WLZ programme is a 2-year, personalised and intensive package of support tailored to each child's unique strengths, needs and aspirations. At Capital City Academy, there are 30 children across Years 7-8 who are part of the West London Zone programme.

Throughout the last term, Year 7 students have been attending online Tie-Dye Drama workshops. Tie-Dye Drama is a partner organisation of West London Zone and aims to boost young people’s well-being through drama.

Ahmed, Corey, Malik, Rhea, Ruby and Vaughn all joined in with most becoming regular and active attendees.

Each week, the group took part in interactive activities and games, enabling them to think creatively, work in teams, listen to others, share ideas and reflect on emotional and social issues.

Students stated that the sessions were fun; they were a good way to stay connected over lockdown; they improved their confidence and clarity in processing ideas, and they provided techniques in keeping calm and controlling emotions.

Ella, Tie-Dye Drama’s lead facilitator, was really impressed with the students’  attitude and participation. She felt they adapted to the online sessions really well, remaining respectful and trying out this new style of workshop enthusiastically. She was extremely grateful for the support from Link Worker, Miss Hussein, who helped with the organisation and running of these workshops.

For more information...

On Tie-Dye Drama, you can visit the Tie-Dye Drama website on: or follow Tie-Dye Drama's social media pages using the handle @tiedyedrama.

On West London Zone, you can visit the West London Zone website on: or West London Zone's social media pages using the handle @westlondonzone.

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