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Our Specialisms: Sports Update

Posted on: 17/02/2021

Physical Activity During Lockdown

With widespread closure of schools, leisure centres, gyms, pitches and courts, lockdown has been massively disruptive to the amount and type of activity undertaken by young people and has highlighted differences between demographics.

Sport England’s recent report on ‘Children’s experience of physical activity in lockdown’ has shown how restrictions are impacting children. The number of children meeting the Chief Medical Officer's guidelines (of taking part in sport or physical activity for an average of 60 minutes or more every day) has dropped from 47% to 19%. 43% are doing less than half an hour of activity and a worrying 7% are doing nothing. Significantly, over one-third of children (36%) say they've had less chance to be active as they are not at school.  The full impact report is available here

Ways to stay active at home

To support teachers, children and parents we have created a 'PE at Home' site. This is updated every week and includes a wide range of fun activities, challenges and competitions for all the family.

Why not try the Waka Waka dance?

Or enter the London Youth Games Weekly Fitness Challenge… This goes live after 9.30am every Monday. Let’s see if we can get Brent to the top of the leader board!

In addition to live PE lessons, the Capital Sport and PE site has lots of ideas and fitness sessions available via Key Stage 3 and Key Stages 4 pages.

Exciting News

Remember when we could go outside? Here are the results of the Santa Dash from December!

We continue to support National initiatives

Even during lockdown our students continue to support National initiatives.

Our students are ambassadors for The Girls Football Schools Partnership and the Game of Our Own project.

Projects like Game of Our Own help develop different skills which could be crucial in girls’ futures - there is so much you can learn from sport that can help you in the wider world. Providing the right environment is key, especially for those who have never played the game before, and I have witnessed first-hand how this initiative is helping to improve that.

Our students are also used to promote the 'This Girl Can' campaign and ‘Girls Active’ programme.

Mr Caldwell's Online learning Report - Lockdown 3.0 

We all love online learning right? How many of you have heard these conversations recently as a student or a parent. I say it myself and often hear my own children's teachers say the same thing. It goes something like this...

'Hello, are you there? Yep can you turn your camera off please? Hello? OK, put it in the chat box... it's in the top corner of the screen, not yet OK, whoa hold on...'

'OK now, wait, wait, stop please don't say it out loud, mics off please guys. No - the chat box, CHAT BOX! (Long silence...) Sorry I think the Wifi went down for a bit... OK we are back. Yep top corner, no top right... that's it. Thanks right, good morning; let's do the register!'

Yes, I think we are all struggling with this latest lockdown and all of us have to draw on one or more of our school values. I have certainly had to show lots of determination and empathy (mixed with patience) over the last few weeks. I am always so pleased with the attitude of the students I teach. When times get tough they show determination in abundance and work really hard to complete their work to the highest standard. I have even made my Year 13 students record their walking routes as part of their Outdoor Education Unit and they didn't complain (much) even when it was snowing outside. 

So remember students - keep on working hard. I am positive we are through the worst; we can't wait to get back to normal. Keep safe and see you soon.

Mr Caldwell, CAL of Sport

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