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Our Specialisms: Art Update

Posted on: 15/02/2021

Outstanding Art Student

Elliot in Year 7 has made us all proud by creating these beautiful, subtle drawings of insects; the attention to detail and exquisite mark making are mind blowing. Elliot is a hard working student and constantly tries his absolute best in Art. He is a very talented young man. It is absolutely inspiring to see a student take such pride in his work. Well done Elliot and keep it up!

KS3 Art Booklets

The Art Department has sent art booklets home for Key Stage 3 students for their online learning. Please make sure students use the booklet to complete their online art lessons. Students must bring the booklet and basic materials such as a pencil, rubber and sharpener to every online art lesson. The booklets will be used weekly during lessons to complete tasks set by the teacher. You will also find blank A4 paper in the pack should the student want to do bigger drawings.

After each lesson the student must upload a photo of their completed task to the VA Google Classroom, please take a clear picture of the work and name the file with the student's name.

When returning to school, the students must bring their completed art booklet to their first art lesson; please ask your child to take care of the booklet, keep it safe and take their time to produce their best possible drawings.

Year 12 Drawing

The Year 12 UAL students have created extraordinary illustrations exploring the fragility of the natural world. Their drawings examine the tension between life and death and have created a visual narrative of surreal and magical elements, highlighting the impact of destruction of ecosystems and the near extinction of whole species. Students have used graphite to create life-like images using intense tones and textures. The inspiration for this project came from the work of artist Zoe Keller who also explores the intersection of art making and the natural sciences.

Year 13 UAL Animation

Some of our Year 13 Art students have been busy creating amazing animations during lockdown for their current projects. Many of our students have applied for animation courses at university and their eagerness to develop new skills has resulted in their creating an impressive body of work.

The students have used digital software called Procreate to produce outstanding moving images.

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