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Online Parental Engagement Sessions

Posted on: 11/02/2021

Parent Q&A : Online Learning - Wednesday 20th January 

On Wednesday 20th January, we held a virtual Q&A session for parents about online learning. The principal and a few members of the Capital Leadership Team, as well as the Director of Parental & Community Engagement were present to deliver the presentation, facilitate the event and engage parents. It was fantastic to see over 100 parents attend our Q&A session about online learning.  Questions were sent in advance and collated, and parents also had an opportunity to ask questions during the session using the chat feature on Google Meet. This session was very helpful to help parents support their children with their remote learning. 

If you were unable to attend the session, you can watch the recording here. 

Parent Q&A for Somali families - Wednesday 27th January

A similar event was also held for the Somali parents on Wednesday 27th January. This was also a success and those parents who attended were thrilled to have information shared, and answers given in their local language by the Associate Senior Leader. 

Parent Q&A : Understanding your Child’s Report - Wednesday 10th February

In order to help parents better understand the school’s report, we ran a virtual session for parents on Understanding your Child’s Report. This took place on Wednesday 10th February. The session provided parents with guidance on interpreting the information on their child’s school report so that they can determine the strengths of their child, work out how their learning is progressing and what areas they’re having difficulties in. The session delivered by Mr Lee, was not only engaging, but thorough. Parents participated by sending us questions in advance and also by asking questions on the day during the session.

We were delighted to see ninety of our parents attend this session, we thank them for their time and we look forward to seeing them again at our next event.

Home Learning Strategies

We want to hear about your wonderful home learning strategies and share it with other parents. Please send your tips to Mr Wola -