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Remote Learning at Capital

Posted on: 12/02/2021

At Capital City, we have made an exceptional effort to ensure that all pupils are given quality first remote learning during this difficult time. We have divided our entire staff body into teams so that we can collectively and successfully support our pupils whether they are at home or on-site. Our daily live morning check-ins, led by our fantastic Year Team Leaders, have proved to be very popular with students as they cover the PSHE curriculum; students are given numeracy challenges, well-being strategies and opportunities to connect with their Year Team.

By ensuring that KS3 and KS4 classes receive one full day of live lessons, with the additional option of seeking live support from their teachers during non-live days, our students have been producing some excellent work. Our C6 students, who receive 100% live teaching,  have impressed us with their commitment and positive attitude towards their learning. Our school administrators have been working extremely hard to contact families to check their access to IT and to check-in on pupils.

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The school twitter feed is a great place for us to celebrate student success and outstanding work each week. Please follow the school account to see examples of some of the fantastic work students are submitting during lockdown.