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Our Specialisms: Sports Update

Posted on: 11/12/2020

This term has been an incredible challenge for everyone. The PE department have done a fantastic job adapting activities, ensuring safety and making sure students still have the opportunity to participate in physical activity. They are fully aware of the impact of lockdown on students' physical and mental health and have worked hard to support the recovery.

Ofsted Chief Inspector Amanda Spielman has championed the important role that Physical Education and school sport has to play in helping young people to recover from the consequences of the Coronavirus pandemic. Speaking at the launch of Ofsted’s 19/20 annual report, the Chief Inspector of Schools said: “Our reports show that children’s physical fitness has suffered from lockdown. School leaders told us that children came back less active and less fit. This highlights the importance of physical education and school sport.”

Commenting on the wider value of school sport, she added: “If we look back, school sport was once about finding a new talent, developing teamwork and even building moral fibre, as much as about physical fitness. Now it’s also one of the ways schools contribute to countering childhood obesity.“

The full report can be read here.

At Capital we have always embraced PE and school sport as a way to improve individuals and develop whole school initiatives.

Basketball Academy Update

Our first year as a fully-fledged Basketball Academy was a huge success. Making the playoffs in the first season was a particular highlight. We have gone from strength to strength having two of last year’s graduates moving on to play in college basketball in the USA and two more going to play professionally in Europe.

This season has been looking even more promising than last. With a lot of time and hard work during lockdown, we were able to recruit some top student athletes who have been a perfect fit for the programme, both in their sports performance and academically.

As a team so far this year, we have been in pre-season action with eight top level academy programmes from across England. We have won 7 out of 8 and are improving daily. We have also strengthened our club link with the London Elite. Our entire Academy (first and second team) represent the club at National League level. In addition, a number of students in Years 7-11 also play for the London Elite junior teams which is a fantastic opportunity for our students.

Girls Active Programme

We have managed to secure the Girls Active Programme for Capital City Academy and four of our feeder primary schools: Salusbury, Malorees, St Josephs and Braintcroft.

The programme allows secondary schools to work with their feeder primary schools to empower young girls to become advocates of PE and Sport. Students work together to understand the barriers and image of physical activity amongst young females in their schools and plan ways to overcome these. Each school is supported with £200 funding to help with the delivery of their plans along with hoodies for the Girls Active Leaders.

The Girls Active Leaders from Capital City Academy will be selected next term and will lead the programme.

We have also been selected to pilot two new programmes: NFL Flag Football Programme and First Pitch which is a brand new baseball programme. These programmes are designed to provide CPD for staff, resources and sessions for students at Capital and for our Partnership schools.

Sports Apprenticeship Programme

Capital is the London Hub for the Sports Apprentice Programme. We work with Sporting Futures Training and are delighted that this year we achieved 100% pass rate with over 60% at Distinction level. This is an amazing feat considering all the difficulties the young people have had to deal with this year. For more information, please contact Sporting Futures Training at

Schools are being offered Government incentives to employ apprentices; see more information here.

Sports Partnership

This term we have worked hard to continue to offer a range of opportunities and support for our primary schools. The changing landscape has been a challenge. Through-out lockdown, we offered virtual learning ideas and support and continue to support in a variety of ways.

These include:

  • weekly challenges to develop competition and increase participation rates. An example of this was when 856 primary pupils took part in the virtual cross country competition for the London Youth games.
  • Saracens Together Active Virtual sessions to support non-specialists with virtual learning or to provide additional clubs. 5 different sports were offered with content designed by Saracens and the partnership.
  • Middlesex Football free coaching offer.
  • NEW Coaver football program to be released next term.
  • YST membership.
  • Update and support for Sports Premium and Covid guidelines.

A special thank you to all our hardworking PE Coordinators who continue to work hard to keep all our pupils fit and healthy.

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