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Our Specialisms: Art Update

Posted on: 17/12/2020

Christmas Card Competition

Congratulations to Year 12 student Tsvetomir who was chosen by Mrs Jeanes as the winner of the Christmas card competition. A card featuring his winning design will be sent to staff and students' parents of the CCA community. Tsvetomir used digital art and the Silhouette electronic cutting machine to create his festive design.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

Outstanding Student

All of us in the Art Department wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate an exceptional young man in our school community. Bjorn has overcome great hurdles and made excellent progress over the last two years. Throughout his UAL Level 3 course he has developed practical skills using a variety of digital and traditional media as well as his critical studies. He explores interesting themes and draws on his personal experience to create engaging bodies of work which reflect his artistic influences strongly. It is precisely this ability to draw on personal experience that inspired us to write this piece.

Like every great artist, Bjorn has chosen projects and themes he is passionate about and which are personal to him and his life; this term he has explored the theme of mental health, focusing on his own journey,  creating a narrative through his illustration. Having this kind of connection with his work motivated him to work hard and prove himself. Through his brave storytelling he was able to use art as a means of reflection and therapy as he tackled the issues closest to his heart.

Art has allowed Bjorn to follow his own ideas and express himself without fear of being wrong and this has been a powerful way to build his confidence, resilience and character. Bjorn has come a long way and we are very proud of him.

It has long been acknowledged that art can boost confidence, inspire learning and aid self expression. We want our students to be able to better express and manage their emotions and so we count ourselves privileged to provide creative opportunities to empower them and positively influence their growth as young people.

Bjorn has been working on an installation which we hope to unveil in the new year.

Year 11 Mock Exam Exhibition

We are very proud to announce a mini exhibition to showcase some of the outstanding work produced by our Year 11 students during their gruelling 10 hour mock exam.

Year 11 Art students created a phenomenal array of work across our five disciplines: Art, Photography, Textiles, Graphics and 3D Design. The amazing work represents the culmination of their ‘Identity’ project. The exhibition has given students a chance to reflect on and discuss each other’s work, allowing them to glean inspiration and foster fresh ideas.

The huge range of creative and skilful drawings, paintings, prints, textiles, ceramics and 3D sculptures impressed our staff and students alike. The mini exhibition will remain on display outside the art rooms until the end of term and we hope you get the chance to enjoy it too.

A massive well done to all of our talented Year 11 art students; we are so proud of your achievements!

Summer Journal Project

Congratulations to Jessica in Year 11 Textiles for winning the summer journal project.

Her journal was based on the theme of ‘identity’ and included a wonderful range of visual research such as sketches and photos, magazine and newspaper cuttings, collages and mixed-media textiles experiments. This artistic practice has helped her to develop new ideas, make personal connections and foster creativity.

Keeping this small personal journal has been instrumental in helping Jessica go on to create the stunningly personal and meaningful project she presented for her recent mock exam.

A massive well done to Jessica from all in the Art Department!

Jessica's prize is a £20 Amazon gift voucher.

Year 12 New Course

The UAL Level 3 Applied General Diploma and Extended Diploma is a new course, which was introduced this year for the first time by the Art department. The course provides C6 students with the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to progress into further or higher education and training or employment within the Arts.

The Diploma is for students seeking to develop understanding and application of the creative process to enable them to develop creative ideas and produce outcomes. This course is ideal for those who have not decided what discipline and subject area within Art and Design they wish to use to develop their practice.

The Diploma is a precursor of the Extended Diploma. Students choosing to do the Extended Diploma will cover more complex tasks and will also learn to apply their knowledge of the creative process to a personal creative practice, for example, Textiles, Graphics or Photography.

Both Diploma and Extended Diploma courses are full time. The UAL Institute is a world renowned university, with six colleges across London. This is a fantastic course for anyone who is considering a career in the Arts due to its inbuilt focus on career paths and choosing degree courses. It provides practical application in real world situations.

In the first term, the focus has been on Photography; students have enjoyed exploring the technical principles of photography, gaining a clear understanding of aperture, shutter speed and ISO in relation to accurate exposure for shooting at different levels of darkness. Students explored their surroundings by getting creative with lighting, framing and composition, finding creative ways to enhance their photographs.

Additionally students got to grips with the industry's most flexible photo editing and manipulation software: Photoshop. Students learned not just the fundamentals of Photoshop and digital imaging but also how to create their own digital creations. They used the key functions of the programme, gaining hands-on experience while learning the fundamental principles of design.

Students have developed skills in a range of areas such as: drawing, photography and digital media, alongside studying the work of historical and contemporary artists. Students have also engaged in lively debates about the nature of art: how it can be perceived, what it might represent, and the meanings it might convey.

Students have focused on how to create captivating sketchbook pages  that communicate their ideas successfully through visual language. This process has allowed students a place to document their journey, enabling them to reflect on the making process: researching, brainstorming, experimenting, testing, analysing and refining final solutions.

These fantastic outcomes are a testament to the hard work and dedication of our students, the willingness of each and every one of them to respond enthusiastically to the projects and opportunities they were presented with and to take risks. The UAL Applied General is an opportunity for our students to enhance their creativity and imagination whilst adding new perspectives to the way they look at the world. The beauty of this course is that work doesn’t have to be perfect instantly – what really counts is how our students problem solve from their experimenting, reflecting on mistakes made, learning from and discovering something new and taking inspiration from it, ultimately showing their creative journey.

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