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Congratulations to Zohal M, Shell STEM - Bright Ideas Challenge winner 2020!

Posted on: 01/12/2020

What is “Bright Ideas” competition?

This competition takes place annually on a National level with schools across England and also schools in Wales and Scotland. The Bright Ideas Challenge is designed to spark young people’s curiosity in science and engineering and to help deliver the curriculum in a fun and engaging way.

The assignment focus was on the future of cities. A question that could not be more relevant in a world that is constantly changing and developing at an unprecedented speed. How can cities be transformed into vibrant, healthy and clean places to live?

Capital’s “Bright Idea” Story

It all began during lockdown when the Shell STEM Competition, Bright ideas Challenge, was posted on the Year 8 portal. Three teams of Year 8’s were formed to enter this national competition. Zohal’s confidence and determination to complete the project shone through. The Teams had Google meet sessions after school to brainstorm ideas before starting to mind map and create innovative drawings. Due to lockdown, the results of the competition were delayed by several months until one day, Shell contacted the school to give us some exciting news. We were thrilled to know that Capital City Academy had a winning entry.

Zohal won £2500 in prize money for Capital City Academy and has been awarded - "The Teach First Award”. Her prizes also included several 1 year subscriptions and goodie bags from STEM supporting companies. In addition to that, she has collected some extra gift vouchers from her Head of Year and CCA STEM. On the 10th December, she also received a special Trophy from Mrs Jeanes to thank her for all her effort and hard work she has put in during the lockdown period.

Reema, Head judge of the Bright Ideas Challenge stated that - “Zohal's ideas stood out from the 1000+ entries that we’ve had. I like the idea how Zohal not only talks about how to capture harmful gases but she also goes a step further on how to convert it into something that is not harmful. We hope to see more students from Capital City Academy, participating in the Bright Ideas Challenge in future."

Zohal has made all of us proud of her amazing achievement. We hope to see a lot more from her in future and wish her good luck in her studies. The funds that were received will go towards developing our STEM subjects. Currently there is a plan to create a STEM section in the library which we will be ready by February 2021.

For more bright ideas competition, please check Shell Website.

The Bright Ideas Challenge closes at 5pm on Friday 21st May, 2021

Mr Fowdar, Lead of Computing