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Students get fruitful by planting an orchard donated by The Tree Council

Posted on: 04/12/2020

On Friday 4th December, the newly formed Capital ‘ORCS’ (Orchard Remembrance Conservation Society) planted a a new orchard and fruiting hedgerow in the school grounds. This group of student volunteers are on a mission to create and cultivate a special garden and to protect and preserve the plants and animals that will inhabit it. A tree was also planted in memory of Mr Hassan Farah, a much loved and missed member of the Capital family.

This fantastic project is being led by Science teacher, Mr Hastings, who applied for an orchard pack from the Tree Council’s ‘Orchards for Schools’ initiative. This was following an article in the Daily Mail and involvement from Academy Trust Members Sir Frank Lowe and Joel Cadbury. With schools and students facing a very challenging year with the impacts of coronavirus, the hope is that planting a fantastic school orchard will reconnect students with nature and each other, and give them an opportunity to spend time in the outdoors, making themselves and the school environment healthier.

We hope that our special garden will be enjoyed by the whole school community especially those students who do not have gardens at home. It will also be used as a fantastic learning opportunity with students being able to understand how to prepare and rotavate soil, take care of the precious plants and wildlife, learn about ecosystems and how trees are crucial to urban living.

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